OceanGrown Inc. has provided products for professional landscaping and golf course maintenance companies since 2001. OGI strives to give professionals the opportunity to maintain healthy and lush landscapes year-round without harming the environment with toxic chemicals. OGI also delivers high performing fertigation systems to automize the fertilizing process.

OceanGrown Inc. 

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Makers of Mineralizer-Pro90, OceanSolution, and Mineral-Max Solutions

D. de Zeeuw (Sustainscape - FL)

"My overall experience with OceanSolution has been excellent... We use OS for lawn, ornamental plants, vegetable gardens, new landscape installations, container plants, and a couple palm species. What started as an experiment turned into an integration of the product into my business and overall services. After bringing OceanSolution into my company, I was able to expand my maintenance services increasing residual income and value."