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Hydroponics, aquaponics and greenhouse farming are emerging as the future for sustainable food production. OceanGrown Inc.(OGI) delivers a complete organic mineral foundation for growers to create the most delicious and nutrient rich crops possible in soil-less conditions. Growers can use OGI products both in root and foliar applications. 
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Hydro Roots

Complete Nutrient Foundation OceanGrown solutions allow soilless growers to add a dense nutrient foundation to the roots or foliage. Growers no longer have to worry about trace nutrient needs for their crops.

Hydroponic Tomatoes

Supercharged Flavor OceanGrown solutions significantly raises BRIX levels, improves texture, and enhances aroma.

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Fast Absorption OceanGrown solutions are true ionic solution allowing nutrient uptake instantly via root or foliage. Also, these solutions will never clog lines or create bio films.

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Cost Savings Crops require far less macro-nutrients (N-P-K) when there is a strong mineral foundation allowing growers to reduce costs.

OMRI Organic

Organic Ready OceanGrown Inc. manufactures a full line of products certified by OMRI for Organic Production.

Hydroponic Lab

Experience in Hydroponics, Aquaponic, and Aeroponics OceanGrown Inc. has worked with many different forms of soilless growers. We also test new systems and processes in our hydroponic lab.

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