For 15 years OceanGrown Inc. has been delivering mineral solutions to growers across the globe allowing them to maximize their crop production while reducing expensive inputs. OGI products are all true solutions that can be applied in-furrow, via drip, and as a foliar.
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Makers of Mineralizer-Pro90, OceanSolution, and Mineral-Max Solutions

Mon Yee Ph.D. (Grapes-Cal Poly)

"Treatment with OS resulted in larger plants and more fruits... Wine grapes: The variety was Zinfandel and 4 randomized block replications were used. Foliar application with the OS Blend at the rate of 1:100 were made every three weeks. Results: The grape clusters were larger on the treated plots, hence a better yield, and the BRIX tested at harvest was 18 compared to 12 for the untreated grapes. Also, powdery mildew appeared on the untreated plants except for the treated plants."