OceanGrown Inc. has provided products for professional landscaping and golf course maintenance companies since 2001. OGI strives to give professionals the opportunity to maintain healthy and lush landscapes year-round without harming the environment with toxic chemicals. OGI also delivers high performing fertigation systems to automize the fertilizing process.

OceanGrown Inc. 

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Makers of Mineralizer-Pro90, OceanSolution, and Mineral-Max Solutions

R. Reavis (Greenview L and L - NC)

"Things are going great with my lawns... During the summer heat all my properties treated with your product remained emerald green (which usually doesn’t happen) and right now my properties are still the best looking lawns around. I expected to see a little difference but WOW… it’s like apples and oranges. The properties treated with O.S. were dramatically more healthy and dense, you can feel the difference just walking on the turf (even my helper made a comment about it)."