The livestock/feed industry is well versed on the benefits of mineral rich nutrition and has therefore, become one of OceanGrown Inc's largest markets. Our livestock products can be added to the drinking water, used as top dress, and/or sprayed on food plots for cattle, swine, equine, cervids, chickens, goats, fish and pets. Shown below, Mineral-Max is currently our best selling animal feed product.
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Makers of Mineralizer-Pro90, OceanSolution, and Mineral-Max Solutions

X-Factor Whitetails

"X-Factor only lost 10 pounds this year during antler growth versus 100 pounds last year... "I use Stress Relief Mineral-Max as a top dress, in the drinking water, and on field plots. The product has delivered a host of benefits including weight, calmness, and improved fertility. This is the best new product in our market."